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Thinking about re-roofing?

Browse through our roofing options if you are looking for residential roofing construction or repair, metal roofing, or even sheet metal work.

Lengthen the lifespan of your roof with waterproofing

Prolong the life of your roof or deck by reaching out to our professionals at Courtesy Roofing. Our accommodating and experienced staff will guide you through your protection options and tell you how you can get the most out of your commercial or residential property.


Most roofing materials and roof shapes are constructed to protect you against the elements, but investing in a sealant or coating will save you money on repairs and re-roofing down the road.

The benefits of roof protection

Nobody knows the impact of the local climate on roofing like Courtesy Roofing. Trust the experienced professionals for total waterproofing.

• Extends the life of your roof or deck

• Low maintenance

• Prevents costly damage

• Prevents leaks

• Deflects UV rays and weather

Pick from a full list of options

• Caulking

• Sealants

• Roof coating

• Elastomeric coating

• Decks

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